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As the premier regional and global event, Dubai World Congress For Self-Driving Transport will attract over 500 international conference attendees to share their view, vision and discuss the latest innovations in technology for self-driving transport. World leading experts will showcase Dubai’s role in leading the development of self-driving transport world-wide by helping to drive the development of international standards in future transport.

The congress agenda is currently being developed and will be launched soon.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Global keynote: getting people on board with autonomous

  • Presenting the Dubai autonomous transport strategy

  • Journey of success: learning from the pioneers

  • Autonomous vehicles in connected cities

  • Future trends and Dubai in 100 Years

  • Legislation enabling autonomous transport: global examples

  • Global case studies on successful trials and testbeds

  • Virtual reality in autonomous transport

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Topics for discussion include:

  • Global Keynote: Getting People on Board with Autonomous

  • Presenting the Dubai Autonomous Transport Strategy

  • Journey of Success: Learning from the Pioneers

  • Autonomous Vehicles in Connected Cities

  • Future Trends and Dubai in 100 Years

  • Legislation Enabling Autonomous Transport: Global Examples

  • Global Case Studies on Successful Trials and Testbeds

  • Virtual Reality in Autonomous Transport

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